About Us

WatchedAPK is developed by a team of 6 tech enthusiast.We write about current news and events in ever changing tech sphere.

We know the value of content & high-quality texts .Hence here in WatchedAPK Quality takes a head start on quantity.


Values: Independence, diversity, transparency.

The editorial staff has this three clear principles in its work.

  • Independence. We are not dependent on advertisers .We do not have banners that are billed per click. Accordingly, we don’t have to write what is clicked. Rather, the editorial team decides what is relevant regardless of economic interests – even if a niche topic may not reach as many readers.
  • Diversity. We are proud of our diversity. WatchedApk has many different authors, regardless of gender, origin or age. If you have a good and relevant story, we will find the space you need to accommodate it.
  • Transparency. WatchedApk stands for credibility. We don’t do hidden things. Promotional contributions are marked as “advertisement”, affiliate links are marked with an asterisk*, travel expenses and loan postings of test equipment are made public.